Cement Retainer, K-1 Mechanical Set

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Drillable cement retainers provide a fail-safe barrier for plug-and-abandonment projects and many types of pressure-pumping applications. Baker Hughes K-1 Cement Retainer.

The K-1™ cement retainer is the most versatile squeeze tool in the industry. The K-1 cement retainer is available in most casing sizes and has an optional sliding valve or flapper valve pressure containment device. The K-1 cement reatiner can be set on wireline or threaded pipe utilizing Baker Hughes successful line of setting tools.
The K-1 cement retainer’s two-way valve is controlled from the surface; no springs to cock or stick; just pick up to close; set down to open. Maximum clearance for fast running plus improved drillability and pressure ratings make it the right choice.

  • Tubing or electric line set — can be set by mechanical or hydraulic methods on tubing or drillpipe or run and set on electric line
  • Faster, safer run-in–run-in speed is up to the operator — Baker Hughes’ locked construction design and larger clearance make this possible
  • Tests tubing–tubing can be tested before squeezing by picking up to close the valve and applying pressure
  • Holds final squeeze pressure — automatic closing of the valve when picking up or removal of stinger, ensures holding the squeeze under final pressure as cement is circulated out
  • Isolates squeeze from hydrostatic pressure — keeping hydrostatic pressure off the zone just squeezed is important, especially for cementing low fluid-level wells in batch-squeeze operations–Baker Hughes’ unique valve guarantees an effective seal
  • Fast drillout–new material specifications developed especially for the K-1 cement retainers result in faster drillout

Element Selection
The K-1 cement retainer is available with two different durometer packing elements for oilfield use. For well temperatures up to 225°F (107.22°C) a 70 HD packing element can be used. For well conditions from 100°F (37.78°C) — 400°F (204.44°C) a 90 HD packing element is recommended.

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