Reliant™ 10K HORNET™ Wireline Set Packer, NACE, 450-237, 5.5 inch 15.5-23 lb/ft Casing

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4 weeks

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Short Description
Reliant™ 10K HORNET™ EL™ Wireline Set Packer, 450-237, 5.5 inch 15.5-23 lb/ft Casing Reliant™ 10K HORNET™ EL™ Wireline Set Packer, 450-237, 5.5 inch 15.5-23 lb/ft Casing


The HORNET™ mechanical set packer is a high-performance fullbore single string retrievable packer with 41XX 18-22 Rc flow-wetted material. It is specifically designed to perform reliably in high pressure frac and production applications. It is tension set or compression set and can be landed in compression, tension, or a neutral condition.
Enhancements of field-proven design features combining rugged simplicity, economy and ease of operation, result in a new and test-proven standard of performance. It now makes available reliable performance in a retrievable packer under combined conditions of 350°F and 10,000 psi differential above or below the packer.

5.5" 15.5-23 lb/ft Casing
Bps-D101 (H950-H900-H950) Nitrile
Bps-E801 (Hnbr001) Bonded Seal
100-350 Degree F Working Temperature
2.875 inch 6.50 lb/ft EU 8RD Box x Pin
10,000 psi Rating
Redress Kit: H035220300

Features and Benefits

  • Ease of operation - 1/4 turn to right to set, 1/4 turn to right to release.
  • High-performance three-piece element system for high pressure sealing and pressure reversal loads.
  • Tubing can be landed in tension, compression or neutral.
  • Built-in unloader with bonded seal for bypass.
  • Bypass opens before release of upper slips for safety and ease of release


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