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RediDirect Temporary Shut-in Chemicals
Avoid costly startup repairs after extended shut-in periods.

Our Temporary Shut-in chemicals are designed to protect against corrosion in a wide range of environments. From suspended gas systems to water injection and disposal systems; whether your system is prone to microbial activity, CO2 or H2S corrosion, or susceptible to air ingress, we have a chemical to help defend your wells and flowlines against corrosion failures and avoid costly startup repairs.

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RediDirect Near-Wellbore Remediation Chemicals
Remove near-wellbore damage, improve production rates and efficiency
RediDirect near-wellbore remediation chemicals are formulated to target and remove the following damage from the near-wellbore area:

  • - Paraffin
  • - Asphaltenes
  • - Scale
  • - Emulsion blocks

RediDirect near-wellbore remediation chemicals can usually be applied by utilizing existing equipment resulting in a treatment that maximizes your return on investment.

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for the webinar and learn more about RediDirect Near-Wellbore Remediation Chemicals.

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