Type I Landing Collar, 7.0 inch 26 lb/ft

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35 days

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Short Description
Type I Landing Collar, 7.0 inch 26 lb/ft Type I Landing Collar, 7.0 inch 26 lb/ft


Type I Landing Collar provide a means to catch a liner wiper plug in a liner. Wiper plugs are used to separate cement from the displacement fluid during cementing operations. The type I landing collar is usually run in the casing or liner string, one or two joints above a float collar or shoe, and provides the seat and latch profile to catch the wiper plug at the completion of cement displacement. Landing collars and plugs are designed to ensure rapid and complete drillout.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum construction allows for easy drillout
  • Positive latch for liner wiper plug which gives the operator pressure indication that the plug has bumped and prevents the plug from spinning during drillout

7" 26.00 lb/ft Tenarishydril Blue Box Up
7" 26.00 lb/ft Tenarishydril Blue Pin Down
7.687" OD
6.188" ID
BMS-P128 L80 GEN Purpose TBLR 80 MYS 22RC, 80 KSI MYS (API 5CT)

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