Total Systems Approach Handbook for Production Chemicals

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1: TOTAL SYSTEMS APPROACH Process 2: Liquid-dominated Systems 3: Gas-dominated Systems 4: Water Treatment 5: The Reservoir System 6: Hydrocarbons 7: Wellbore 8: Topside Processes 9: Chemical Injection Systems 10: Waxes 11: Asphaltenes 12: Hydrates 13: Emulsions and Water Clarification 14: Scale 15: Corrosion 16: Bacterial Control 17: Applications Support
The Baker Hughes Upstream Chemicals "The TOTAL SYSTEMS APPROACH Process" handbook is designed for the practicing production facilities engineer responsible for ensuring the desired return on investment.

Moderate proficiency with mathematics and basic principles of chemistry and physics are assumed. Practice takes precedence over theory, except where excursions into theory are essential to create a sufficiently broad understanding for employing the TOTAL SYSTEMS APPROACH process.

Where it is considered useful, example problems are worked in detail, showing US conventional oilfield units and SI units in conformance with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Metric Standard.


  2. Liquid-dominated Systems
  3. Gas-dominated Systems
  4. Water Treatment
  5. The Reservoir System
  6. Hydrocarbons
  7. Wellbore
  8. Topside Processes
  9. Chemical Injection Systems
  10. Waxes
  11. Asphaltenes
  12. Hydrates
  13. Emulsions and Water Clarification
  14. Scale
  15. Corrosion
  16. Bacterial Control
  17. Applications Support

293 pages
Second Edition - 2013
© 2013 Baker Hughes Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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