JewelSuite™ Wellcheck Wellbore Stability Analysis Training

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Course Objectives

Learn to:

  • Perform wellbore stability analysis to predict failures
  • Apply a JewelSuite wellbore stability analysis to the selection of a well path
  • Development of well drilling and casing plans, and evaluating drilling risks
  • Run Quantitative Risk Assessment and sensitivity Analysis

Course Length:1 day

Delivery Locations

  • Houston, Texas

Who Should Attend

Personnel involved in using JewelSuite to perform wellbore stability analyses and apply the results to drilling decisions.

  • Drilling Engineers
  • Geomechanics Specialist
  • Earth Scientists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Geophysicist
  • Completions Engineer

Course Description

Through several activities, trainees perform an extensive wellbore stability analysis and apply it to drilling decisions with the goal of preventing wellbore failures. Included in this course is the introduction to applications that support generation of geomechanical wellbore analysis. JewelSuite WellCheck will be used primarily for performing wellbore stability analysis.

Topics include:

  • Data requirement for building wellbore stability analysis
  • Calibration of 1D geomechanical models using breakout and drilling induced fracture occurrence
  • Determination of safe mud window to avoid kick, wellbore collapse, and tensile failure of the well
  • Determination of the optimal casing depth for wellbore stability
  • Evaluation of the optimal drilling directions using stereo-plots
  • Sensitivity analysis plots for decision making
  • Evaluation of bedding plane and temperature effects
  • Quantitative risk assessment of geomechanical data input

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