Drill Bit Technology and Application

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Course Objectives

Learn to:

  • Select and operate drill bits to meet a variety of drilling challenges
  • Discuss the parameters of drilling that affect bit life and improve borehole quality
  • Perform drill bit dull-grading

Course Length: 3 days

Delivery Locations

  • Houston, Texas
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Customer on-site course available

Who Should Attend

Personnel involved in selecting or using drill bits.

  • Drilling Engineers
  • Wellsite Supervisors

Course Description

Decisions on drill bit selection and operating parameters impact not only the rate of penetration during drilling, but also the quality of the wellbore. Attendees learn the major technologies used in Tricone and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits. Bit hydraulics are discussed, with a focus on optimizing hydraulics for improved bit performance and extended bit life. This course uses a variety of examples, a dull-grading activity, and a data-driven bit-selection activity to increase attendee’s’ awareness of how drilling decisions and reservoir geology can impact the effectiveness and increase the life of a drill bit.

Topics include:

  • Tricone bit design and applications
  • PDC bit design and applications
  • Strategies for optimizing bit hydraulics
  • Dull grading and bit evaluation
  • Bit selection and application

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