Geomechanics in Unconventional Reservoirs/Shale Plays

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This 2-day course will enable participants to relate the principles of geomechanics to drilling, completing and stimulating shale gas wells. The course focuses on the basic principles of stress analysis and the measurement and determination of geomechanical properties relevant to fracture permeability predictions and hydraulic fracturing modeling.

Topics include:

  • Unconventional Reservoirs Characterization
  • Fractured Reservoirs / Methods Used to Predict Permeable Fracture Sets
  • Available tools for Environmental Risks and Cost Minimization

Target audience:

    This course is for anyone involved in drilling and completion optimization, and reservoir behavior.
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Geologists / Geophysicists
  • Drilling Engineers / Well Planners
  • Operations and HSE controllers
  • Drilling, Reservoir, Operations and HSE Managers

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