Snap-Latch Seal Assembly, S-22, 80-40

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45 days

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Short Description
Snap-Latch Seal Assembly, S-22, 80-40 Snap-Latch Seal Assembly, S-22, 80-40


The Model S-22™ snap-latch seal assembly provides a leakproof seal between the packer and the production string. It is ideally suited for all applications requiring a snap-in/snap-out indication that the seals are in or out of the packer bore. The snap-latch seal assembly is most often run on the bottom of an upper gravel pack assembly in a dual-zone completion. It is latched into the top packer of the lower gravel pack to guarantee the production seals are properly seated and the upper-zone gravel pack assembly is in the proper location. The S-22 snap-latch is also used in single-zone completions to provide an indication that the gravel pack assembly is properly landed in the sump packer.

80-40 Snap Latch Seal Assembly S-22
4.000 IN 9.50 LB/FT Seal Lock HT Box Up
BMS-A099 41XX OR L80 Steel 80 MYS
Less Bottom Sub
90 HD Nitrile


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