438 Gen 4.0 QUICK Drill™ Composite Frac Plug (Ball Type)

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The Gen 4.0™ Ball Type Composite Frac Plug is a millable/drillable well isolation device with hydraulic deployment capabilities.
The Gen 4.0™ Ball Type Composite Frac Plug is a millable/drillable well isolation device with hydraulic deployment capabilities.
The plug can be deployed through the vertical section of the well on wireline and then hydraulically pumped through the remaining horizontal section to the desired setting depth and then set with the E-4™ Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly. The Gen 4.0™ may also be deployed on coil tubing or pipe and set hydraulically with a J™ Hydraulic Setting Tool.
  • Slip breakup value increased significantly maximizing resistance to pre-setting if a direct impact event occurs and allowing faster run-in speeds
  • Robust threaded lower load guide improves pre-set resistance by diverting impact force away from the slips
  • Hybrid slip material results in smaller and lighter weight slip debris during removal
  • Engineered for use in horizontal or vertical applications
  • Designed for hydraulic pump down deployment on wireline
  • Plug moves at higher speeds with lower pump rates during deployment
  • Smaller quantities of fluid required to pump the plug to depth
  • Ability to deploy longer strings of perforating guns in a single run
  • Ball Drop feature allows for flow back before isolation
  • Ball Drop feature allows for additional tools to be pumped before isolation
  • Composite material (components and ball) properties maximize cutting removal efficiency
  • No brass rings or tungsten carbide buttons left in the hole that could inhibit drill-out
  • Multiple plugs can be run to isolate multiple zones
  • Dual clutching mechanism keeps multiple plugs from rotating during drillout
  • Large slip contact area effectively bites into casing and secures the plug in place
  • Can be retrofitted with the Efficiency Valve eliminating the need to drop a ball from surface saving time and water needed to pump a frac ball from surface
  • Casing: 5.5 in. 15.5-23.0 lb/ft
  • Pressure Rating: 10,000 above (psi)
  • Temperature Rating: 70 - 350°F
  • Ball Diameter: 2.188 - 2.193 in.
  • Max Tool OD: 4.380 in.
The Gen 4.0™ Ball Type Frac Plug utilizes a composite ball to isolate the zones below the plug from the stimulation or treatment applications occurring above. The plug can be run with the ball on seat or the ball can be dropped prior to the frac job. Once the ball is dropped, this plug will provide isolation whenever the pressure above the tool is greater than the pressure below the tool. Co-mingled testing and production of zones both above and below the tool can occur once a higher pressure differential from below is established. The operator can independently treat or test each zone.

This frac plug utilizes the new technology hybrid slip material. The hybrid slip is manufactured from a lower density material which significantly improves the removal performance of the plug without sacrificing mechanical integrity. The composite plug can be removed in one trip with coiled tubing deployed downhole motors and milling tools or with a power swivel and workover bit on threaded tubing.

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