Rental - Size 20 E-4 Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly

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Ensure your completions every time with Baker Hughes E-4™ rental service. This program allows you to operate industry standard E-4 wireline pressure setting assemblies without the headaches of managing maintenance. Our expert technicians will redress each tool for you. You pay only a day rate and shipping fees and we deliver tools to you doorstep when you need them.

The E-4™ wireline pressure setting assembly (W.L.P.S.A.) is a device in which the products of combustion are utilized for the gradual development of force through pressure. This motive force operates the various working parts of the W.L.P.S.A. in a proper sequence to ensure the successful setting of Baker Hughes bridge plugs, retainer production packers, cement retainers, and other products.

The pressure required is built up through a slow-set power charge, (Product Family No. H43766), or a standard power charge, (Product Family No. H43764). For specifics on all power charges and igniters refer to Slow-Set Power Charge, Standard Power Charge, Secondary Igniter, BP-3S and BP-4S Igniter, (Product Family Nos. H43766, H43764, H43743, H43744) Unit No. 4190 under Service Tools/Remedial Systems or contact a Baker Hughes representative. The setting pressure is confined to the proper area of the setting tool through the use of O-ring seals. It is of critical importance that all O-rings be maintained in perfect condition and replaced after each use.

The E-4 wireline pressure setting assembly incorporates a piercing disk bleeder system to provide a safe, easy method of bleeding off trapped pressure before disassembling the W.L.P.S.A. after it has been run.

  • Used to set Baker Hughes bridge plugs, cement retainers, and production packers on electric wireline
  • Used in conjunction with a casing collar locator for correlation of exact setting depth
  • Used in conjunction with a casing collar locator for correlation of exact setting depth
  • Uses the advantage of the fast running capability of wireline
  • Proven design has been the "Industry Standard" for many years
  • Sizes available for setting inside 2-3/8" tubing up to the largest casing
  • Incorporates a disk bleeder valve to ensure safe and simple pressure bleed-off
  • 450 deg. F [232 deg. C] temperature rating
  • 25000 psi pressure rating


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