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Vanguard™ Arabia Tricone Drill Bit

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The Baker Hughes Vanguard™ Arabia tricone drill bits reliably drill hard-carbonate formations, offering unprecedented cutting aggressiveness. The bit’s next-generation family of carbide grades and geometry deliver unsurpassed penetration rates and ROI in these drilling applications. Vanguard Arabia bits are designed using enhanced engineering methods, which calculate the optimum tungsten carbide insert spacing on each row to further improve drilling efficiency and minimize the risk of tracking, allowing higher rates of penetration (ROP) over long distances in carbonate sections

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Our Vanguard™ Arabia tricone drill bits drill longer distances in the Middle East’s less-abrasive, hard-carbonate formations. These tungsten carbide insert (TCI) drill bits have super-tough carbide grades that minimize breakage from impact damage.

Tricone bit performance can be additionally enhanced through the Drilling Application Review Team (DART™). The DART process, which combines advanced technology, data, and designs, provides individualized solutions to maximize field performance across multiple wells while reducing risk.

The results are a true collaboration, drawing on unique resources, including a comprehensive database that taps our rich history of continual drilling improvements. The process also includes a state-of-the-art drilling laboratory and a full-scale research rig and downhole simulator. This combination of unique resources in a fully collaborative environment permits us to create tricone drill bits and systems that optimize performance, minimize drilling and completion costs while reducing nonproductive time.

Features and Benefits
•Provides exceptional ROP
•Improves reliability for longer drilling hours downhole
•Increases bit life in carbonate drilling environments
•Performance drilling in carbonate formations
•Rotary, RSS, and motor applications
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