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Superior Performance SP seals

Superior Performance (SP) seals

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Lower lifting costs in challenging downhole environments with our Superior Performance (SP) seals. Designed for the CENtrilift SP series motor, these seals protect the motor from leaks during thermal cycling and other high-temperature applications.

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Designed specifically for the CENtrilift™ SP motor, our SP seals help extend motor life and efficiency. Robust design features, including a premium metal bellows-based mechanical seal, protect the motor’s electrical and mechanical integrity in a range of demanding well conditions. The SP seals ensure robust protection of your motors in high temperature well conditions up to 450°F (232°C). And for your corrosive production environments, SP seals are designed for corrosion resistance to withstand harsh fluids and keep your motor running longer.

Features and Benefits
•Extends your motor’s run life to reduce lifting costs
•Minimizes ingress of gas and H2S
•Conventional oil wells
•Unconventional oil wells
•Gas well dewatering
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