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Miscible Solvent

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$854.70 per 55 (US) Gal Drum

Miscible Solvent is extremely flexible in its application and can be employed in a variety of treatment designs to accomplish a desired benefit. Examples include: Mixed in acid for deep damage acidizing either throughout the entire volume of acid or just within the first part. In concentrated form (neat) as a spearhead in a “first in/last out” concept in a variety of stimulation treatments and other oilfield operations. In concentrated form or mixed with other fluids to break emulsions, remove drilling fluids, perform wellbore cleanouts, remove oil-coated scales, and solubilize paraffins and asphaltenes.

Your price
$854.70 per 55 (US) Gal Drum
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Features and Benefits
• Specially prepared blend of A-Sol A-28 with a carefully selected aromatic solvent
–When employed with acid, can remove oily film and other material, allowing the acid to contact and dissolve acid-soluble materials more completely
• Particularly applicable in paraffinic and asphaltenic crudes
–Can be used in concentrated form (neat) without the use of acid
–Lowers surface tension to 25 dynes/cm when mixed at miscible concentrations; leaves the formation water-wet
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