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Paraffin Solvent

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$620.50 per 55 (US) Gal Drum

Paraffin solvent is a mixture of aromatic, aliphatic and naphthenic liquid, organic hydrocarbons specially designed to dissolve troublesome paraffin deposits. This oil-soluble mixture is effective at holding paraffin in solution in the oil or removing existing deposits. This unique mixture of solvents was chosen for its ability to hold paraffin in solution as the temperature declines. It also will penetrate and dissolve existing paraffin deposits.

Your price
$620.50 per 55 (US) Gal Drum
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Features and Benefits
•Removes paraffin deposits
–Regain lost production
•Prevents paraffin deposition
–Lowers maintenance costs
•Removes tank bottom deposits
–Increased production and storage
•Tank Bottom Treating;
•Batch Treatment;
•Continuous Treatment
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