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Baker Hughes Resin Diluent

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The BH Resin system is an epoxy resin formulation with controllable and predictable pump and set times over a wide range of temperatures and with customizable density and viscosity.

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Diluent component for  Liquid Bridge Plug Resin System used for viscosity and setting time control when required
BH Resin Diluent is a low-molecularweight, low-viscosity compound used to reduce the viscosity or enhance the solubility and water-wetting properties of the BH Resin system. It is an aliphatic monoglycidyl ether of C12/C14 fatty alcohol. BH Resin diluent is added to the epoxy resin system in a ratio of 5 – 50% by weight of resin.

Features and Benefits
• Provides an impermeable seal
• Resistant to acid attack
• Low initial viscosity
• Can penetrate to seal micro-cracks and other small leak paths
• Controllable set times up to 300°F and variable density from 7.5 to 19 ppg
• Can be formulated for a range of well applications
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