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REPacker reactive element packer

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The REPacker™ reactive element packer from Baker Hughes can provide reliable, long-term annular isolation to prevent unwanted formation production. This self-energizing, swelling elastomer packer is designed to close off annular flow around the tubular assemblies of your wells—both open and cased holes.

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The packer activates when the elastomer element comes into contact with your wellbore fluids. At this point, the element absorbs selected fluid components into the rubber, causing the element to swell. The element’s outer diameter increase will eventually seal off the annular flow in your well. This continuous process ensures a long-term seal, even in irregular or possibly changing annular areas. The REPacker reactive element packer is designed for flexibility, providing robust isolation in any well environment you experience. The elastomer element swells in both oil- and water-based environments. The packer can be used in open-hole or perforated casing environments. The packer is made up of the liner string and runs into your well like any other joint of casing. The element may be constructed of single or multiple reactive polymers and supported on each end by our XTremeZone™ Nitrile elastomer. A bonding agent on the mandrel, along with hydrostatically energized frictional forces, prevents element wadding or slippage, which helps the packer move through tight-hole or deviated well conditions REPacker swelling compounds were developed and tested to downhole conditions in various sizes and percentages of swell. Packer performance has been validated by thousands of field runs.

Features and Benefits
  • Deploy and install efficiently, with no running tools or special personnel required
  • Get a reliable seal that self energizes in all annular fluids, even hydrocarbons
  • Ensure maximum, long-term expansion in irregular annular areas
  • Applications
    • Perforated, cased-hole completions
    • Openhole completions
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