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Ultra Clean Casing Scraper

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The Baker Hughes X-Treme Clean™ EP ULTRA-CLEAN™ nonrotating casing scraper is used to remove mud or cement sheath, rust, mill scale, paraffin, and similar substances from the casing inner diameter (ID). This is especially important in precompletion stages where tight tolerance equipment will be run. These scrapers are also a very effective component of the bottomhole assembly (BHA) when making gauge runs.

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The tool’s standard operating mode is in the nonrotating position. The 360° coverage blades and stabilizers remain stationary while the drillpipe can be rotated for long periods during circulation to clean the wellbore. This feature allows maximum casing cleaning without wearing the casing ID. In the case that the scraper becomes stuck, straight overpull will shear a ring and allow the safety clutch to engage, putting the scraper in the rotating mode, allowing it to be worked free using torque, overpull, circulation, and jarring. The tool is designed with ample circulation area to allow for high-rate circulation and bypass of debris. It has a rugged design and contains no external bolts that could work loose under extreme conditions. For this reason, the X-Treme Clean EP ULTRA-CLEAN casing scraper is recommended for use when drilling cement on the cleanout run. The tools can be conveniently converted with dress-off mill to allow for cleaning the liner top and casing ID in one trip.

Features and Benefits
  • Nonrotating stabilizers and blades
  • Eliminates risk of damage to casing when rotating or drilling
  • Safety clutch design
  • Allows tool to work free if stuck in hole
  • No external fasteners
  • Avoids leaving parts downhole
  • Blade with 360° coverage
  • Provides high cleaning effectiveness
  • Hard metal applied to blade edge
  • Provides endurance and maximum service
  • Dress-off mill option
  • Allows for cleaning casing ID and liner top in one trip
  • Applications
    • Unconventional hydrocarbons
    • Conventional oil and gas
    • Deep water
    • Wellbore cleanup
    • Displacement
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