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Starting from $301.00 per Unit

The five-fin wiper plug design of the surface release cement plug offers extremely effective casing wiping. The surface release cement plug is available as a bottom plug (with rupture diaphragm) or top plug (solid core), and it is available with or without non-rotating profile. The non-rotating profile reduces drill out time as it prevents the wiper plugs from spinning by locking them in a profile in the landing collar / float collar.

Your price
Starting from $301.00 per Unit
Features and Benefits
• Five wiper fin conventional design for effective casing wiping
• Anti-Rotational heavy-duty teeth prevents plugs from spinning during drill-out
• Tapered cone and receiver for easy engagement and landing
• Integral burst disk located in bottom plug
• PDC and roller cone bit drillable
• Conventional plug available
• Custom pressure burst disk available
• High temperature plugs available
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