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Diamond Paq HT

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Fluid system was designed to address the need for a more robust VES system at the higher temperature register while maintaining the benefits of the traditional VES fluids – namely, low formation and proppant pack damage, outstanding fluid compatibility and excellent sand suspension. For use in OHGP APS screens and horizontal wells with wellbore stability concerns.

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The Baker Hughes Diamond PAQ™ HT fluid system is a high-temperature, water-based, zwitterionic polymerfree viscoelastic surfactant (VES) system designed for gravel packing

Features and Benefits
• Provides temperature stability up to 300°F
• Reduced HHP requirements
• Reduced likelihood of formation fluid incompatibility
• Greater than 90% regain permeability
• High-temp applications from 175 to 300°F
• Openhole gravel packs through multi-path screens
• Cased hole gravel packs
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