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RTT1900-10 Redidirect™ Paraffin Solvent

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Baker Hughes paraffin solvents are a mixture of aromatic, aliphatic and naphthenic liquid, organic hydrocarbons specially designed to dissolve troublesome paraffin deposits. This oil-soluble mixture is effective at holding paraffin in solution or removing existing deposit even at reduced ambient temperatures.

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Baker Hughes paraffin solvents are the ideal solution for oil and gas facilities seeking to remove troublesome paraffin deposits and prevent their re-accumulation. This particular product is a unique blend of aromatic, aliphatic and naphthenic hydrocarbons making it a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for removing and preventing paraffin buildup. Not only does it effectively dissolve existing deposits, but it also helps to maintain a more consistent flow and production rate, as well as reducing maintenance costs associated with paraffin accumulation. Additionally, its ability to reduce tank bottom deposits makes it an invaluable tool in the oil and gas industry and a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce paraffin deposits and maintain production and storage.

Features and Benefits
- Removes paraffin deposits
- Regain lost production
- Prevents paraffin deposition
- Lowers maintenance costs
- Removes tank bottom deposits
- Increased production and storage
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