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The DELTA LIFT rheology modifier from Baker Hughes is a proprietary polyamide resin which builds low end rheology while having minimal impact on high shear rate rheology.

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Features and Benefits
  • Contributs primarily to yield point and gel strength
  • Provides carrying capacity for cuttings
  • Provides suspension properties of weighting agents
  • Enables low shear viscosity control
  • Minimal clay interaction
  • Reduces organophilic clay concentrations
  • Minimal impact on plastic viscosity (PV) for better ECD control
  • Liquid form
  • Ease of mixing
  • Rapid, predictable viscosity increases
  • Applications
    • Invert emulsion drilling fluid systems
    • Compatible with diesel, mineral and synthetic oils
    • Conventional or unconventional wells up to 350F (177C)
    • Offshore and onshore applications where equivalent circulating density control is required
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