Petrophysics Training- Intermediate Level

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Class Information
  • Class Dates: 22 - 26 November 2015
  • Class Session: 8:00 AM - 17:00 (5PM)
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Trainers: Charles Smart & Pranjal Bhatt

Course Agenda

Day 1: Basics and Field Study Preparation

  • Study in perspective of the field context
  • Data integration requirements for the field study

Day 2: QA/ QC of Data

  • QA/ QC the available logs and core data
  • QA/ QC of data for coherency checks
  • Elements to consider during QA/ QC phase to perform the field study
  • Data normalization where required
  • Establish the input parameters required for the petrophysical model

Day 3: 3D Petrophysics

  • Develop coherent petrophysical interpretation model in key wells
  • Perform QC of the interpretation models developed for key wells
  • Apply the key wells model to the multiwells using the 3D petrophysics module
  • QC the interpretation coherency for all wells

Day 4: Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure

  • Mercury injection capillary pressure theory and applications
  • Relationship between the mercury injection capillary pressure with the buoyancy model
  • Thomeer Modelling - MICP

Day 5: Buoyancy Model

  • Buoyancy model theory
  • Applications of buoyancy model in the petrophysical analysis and field study
  • How does it related to rocks, pores and fluids
  • Demonstration and exercise will be conducted on applying the buoyancy model on some wells

The following basics of Petrophysics mentioned below will be covered as and where appropriate in the proposed training schedule.

  • Logging objectives
  • Invasion profile
  • Challenge of borehole geophysics
  • Passive electrical properties of earth materials
  • Resistivity measuring tools, normal, induction, laterolog
  • Reservoir/non-reservoir discrimination
  • Matrix-sensitivity logs, GR, SGR, Pe
  • Depth measurements and control
  • Borehole calipers
  • Porosity-mineralogy logs, density, neutron, sonic
  • Porosity determination in clean formations
  • Formation resistivity factor
  • Conductivity of shales
  • Porosity log crossplots and mineralogy identification
  • Partially saturated rock properties and Archie Equation
  • Linear movable oil plot
  • Reconnaissance techniques, Rwa, FR/FP, logarithmic scaler
  • Porosity-resistivity crossplots
  • Permeability relationships
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Use of pressure measurements
  • Computerized log evaluation
  • Sidewall coring
  • Recommended logging programs

Training Cost Includes:

  • Cost of training
  • Instructors time

Training cost does not include:
  • Cost of License (It is assumed that each Trainee will have the license for IP installed on his/her laptop)
  • Airfare for two-way travel from client location to UAE
  • Accommodation in UAE
  • Meals
  • Any Incidental Expenses
  • Laptop
  • Any applicable taxes

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