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PathMaster Whipstock

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Unlike unpredictable cement plug sidetrack operations, our openhole whipstock system uses patented PathMaster™ technology to give you a solid kickoff point. Gain even greater control over where and how your sidetrack will leave the main wellbore, thanks to whipstock face orientation options including universal bottomhole orientation (gyro) or measurement-while-drilling (MWD) technologies.

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The Baker Hughes PathMaster™ whipstock system combines the one-trip and retrievable features of the field-proven WindowMaster™ whipstock with a shorter whipstock ramp and full-gauge mills. This system provides a quicker kickoff with a higher build rate in short-radius drilling applications. Decreased length of the whipstock and a milling assembly consisting of only a window mill and watermelon mill combine to form a significantly shorter window exit bottomhole assembly (BHA). The reduced-length BHA can pass through higher doglegs in the wellbore.

Features and Benefits
• Full-gauge mills
• Provide a drift window and rathole
• Can mill casing exit and drill pilot hole in one trip
• Short whipstock ramp
• Provides quick kickoff
• Shorter overall BHA
• Allows system to pass through high doglegs
• Retrievable
• Allows multiple zone applications
• METAL MUNCHER™ cutting technology
• Cuts faster and cleaner
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