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Xtreme Star

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Fracturing of high and ultra high temperature formations. Treatments with energized CO2 possible.

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Features and Benefits
• Provides rheological stability for two hours or longer at high temperatures, in most cases
• Eliminates the need for and expense of large cool-down pads
• Maximizes fluid efficiency, using low to moderate polymer loading compared to conventional fluids
• Reduces the potential damage from excessive polymer concentrations
• Minimizes hydraulic horsepower requirements while providing sufficient viscoelastic stability for proppant transport
• Controllable crosslink time minimizes tubular friction pressures
• Crosslink times are internally delayed, but longer delay times, if required, can be controlled by using XLD-18 crosslink delay additive
• Encapsulated breaker technology matches fluid chemistry and high temperature environment to impart excellent retained fracture conductivity – typically > 70%
• High-temperature applications
• Underpressured formations
• Deep formations
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