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The Baker Hughes NEW-DRILL LV shale stabilizer is a lower viscosity partially hydrolzed ployacrylamide (PHPA) designed to impart shale stability, reduce friction, and provide filtration control in water-based drilling fluids (WBM)

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Features and Benefits
•Limits reactivity of the drilling fluid to the exposed formation
-Provides excellent borehole stability
•Higher PHPA loading
-Eliminates viscosity humps
•Low molecular weight polymer
-Provides easier mixing and higher plymer loading for higher density applications
•Rapid dispersion
-Prevents fish eyes
-Enables easy fluid treatments
•Reduces dispersion of drill cuttings
-Improves performance of solids control equipment
•Builds a protective lubricating film on water-wet solids
-Increases drilling fluid foltration control properties
•Increases drilling fluid viscosity
-Improves penetration rates and hole cleaning characteristics
-Works safely in environmentally sensitive areas
• Soft, dispersible shales
• Hard, brittle shales
• Fresh water and seawater
• Sodium or potassium chloride brines
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