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The Baker Hughes NEW DRILL STICK shale stabilizer is a partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) copolymer stick designed to reduce bit balling, impart shale stability, friction reduction, viscosity and fluid loss control in water-based drilling fluids with a streamlined application of NEW-DRILL at the drill string

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Features and Benefits
• Designed for a quick and measured application of polymer with no mess
• Thermally stable unlike soap sticks
• Packaging provides for a rapid application that will not result in significantly longer connection times
• Provides an effective sweep by slightly increasing the viscosity of drilling fluids
• Reduces rapid hydration while providing a lubricating film for the BHA
• Dissolves rapidly in the drill string, reducing spillage, slip hazards, waste and overtreatment
• Due to its shear thinning nature, it will not reduce penetration rates
• Offers excellent hole-cleaning characteristics
• Soft, dispersible shales
• Hard, brittle shales
• Freshwater, Seawater and other brines
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