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LATIMAGIC™ is a wellbore stabilizer and lubricant provides an effective differential sticking preventative that increases drilling efficiency and wellbore integrity in directional and extended-reach wells.

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Features and Benefits
  • Enhanced lubricity
  • Reduces torque and drag without affecting mud properties
  • Increases drilling efficiency
  • Decreases nonproductive time
  • Enhances hole cleaning
  • Improves cuttings management, weight-on-bit, and directional control
  • Produces a tough, thin filter cake
  • Reduces pore pressure transmission
  • Acts as a bridging agent
  • Improves the integrity and stability of the wellbore
  • Nontoxic; easy to mix and apply
  • Minimizes wellsite HSE and operational risks
  • Applications
    • Fresh and seawater environments
    • Horizontal, deviated, and extended-reach wells
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