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The Baker Hughes CHEMTROL X additive is a lignite-based, low-viscosity, high-temperature filtration control product that provides excellent filtration control and rheological stability in freshwater, brackish and seawater environments.

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Features and Benefits
•Valuable when operating at elevated bottomhole temperatures
-Provides filtration control up to 425F(218C)
•Acts also as a dispersant for clays
-Maintains a good rheological profile and reduces gelation of HP/HT fluids
-Improves borehole conditions
•Effective in freshwater, brackish, and seawater environments
-Ensured flexibility in use
•Reduces filter cake thickness and improves its quality at low concentrations
-Works ideally where stuck pipe may be expected while drilling
•HP/Ht filtration control in water-based muds
•Elevated bottomhole temperatures where filtration control and mud gelation are problems
•Presence of salt and calcium contamination
•Freshwater, brackish, and seawater environments
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