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The BAKER-SQUEEZ lost circulation squeez from Baker Hughes is a high-solids, high-fluid loss squeez designed for use in cases of moderate to severe lost circulation. BAKER-SQUEEZ additive works by rapidly dewatering, resulting in a solid plug of lost circulation material in wellbore fractures and vugular features

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Features and Benefits
•Eliminates lost circulation
-Seals all types of fractures, highly permeable formations and vugular spaces
•Can be used as a pre-cement squeeze
-Assists in improving cement bonding
•Effective in both weighted and low-solids drilling fluids
•Single-sack system
-Ease of mixing and pumping
•Broad PSD range
•Plugs develops compressive strength
•Stable to temperature up to 400F(204C)
•Environmentally friendly
•All drilling fluids
-Water based and invert emulsion drilling fluid systems
•Highly permeable zones and vugular spaces
•Porous and fractured formations
•Pre-cement squeeze applications
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