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Vanguard Directional™ Tricone Drill Bit

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Increasing dependence on directional drilling has resulted in a higher demand for quality drill bits that provide high levels of reliability, steerability, and performance. Baker Hughes has addressed these needs with our Vanguard Directional™ roller-cone drill bits. Because traditional roller cones were originally designed to drill vertically, the bits did not perform at the same levels in diverse drilling environments. For example, cyclical sideloading intrinsic to directional drilling often led to leg damages and early seal failures, premature heel-rounding also gave way to early seal failures and reduced penetration rates, and back reaming damaged bit compensator systems and increased torque and drag.

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Vanguard™ directional advanced tricone drill bits are engineered specifically for intense directional intervals with their demanding instantaneous and cyclical side loading. These drill bits enable you to drill the curve faster with improved reliability compared to conventional tricone bits.

Vanguard shirttail and leg (STL) hardfacing reduces torque and drag while improving bit stabilization in the hole. This hardfacing package also offers enhanced seal life due to superior protection. Leveraging the premium Diamond Vanguard Heel (DVH) technology, several key markets, including the abrasive curve intervals of the Asia-Pacific region and North America, saw improved bit life due to the bit’s ability to sustain a more efficient cutting structure.

Features and Benefits
•Achieving longer curve drilling hours
•Maximizing average ROP with specific cutting structures
•Improves seal reliability and bit dull conditions
•Decreasing directional drilling cost-per-foot
•Non-vertical drilling
•Rotary, motor and other directional system applications
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