How do I submit a sales tax exemption certificate?

If your company is exempt from State and County Sales and Use Tax, please send us a copy of your exemption certificate at If you don't provide a certificate, we are required to charge you sales tax on your purchases. The Baker Hughes tax team usually takes 3 business days to validate your certificate.

Your state comptroller's website or your company's tax department are good places to look for the resale certificate form.

The certificate must include basic information, like the legal names and addresses of the buyer and seller, the buyer's state sales tax permit number, and a general description of the items sold.

For items purchased from, our seller information is

Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc.
17015 Aldine Westfield Road
Houston, TX 77073

Items you buy on can generally be described as Oilfield-related equipment and supply.

Here's an example of a form used in Texas, but forms vary by state.

If you have any questions about sales tax exemption certificates, contact us.


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