We're taking federal explosives license management online!

Starting May 2020, if you’re buying explosive materials in the US, you’ll begin to see minor changes pop up throughout your online shopping experience.

Here are some questions and answers on what’s changing and how it affects you.

What’s changing?

We’re implementing an automated mechanism to check that we have your company’s latest, valid federal explosive license on file, along with the updated names of persons authorized to order and receive at the ship-to addresses you’ve selected.

What exactly is being checked?

While you are shopping, ShopBakerHughes.com will make three checks:

  • That we have a valid ATF license for your company (for example, as a manufacturer of explosives or importer of explosives)
  • That the person placing the order on ShopBakerHughes.com is in your list of personnel authorized to order for your company
  • That the Ship-to Address selected is authorized to receive these products and has at least one person authorized as recipient

Do I need to take any action?

No, just go ahead and place your orders as you usually do. If we need any additional or updated federal license paperwork, we’ll be in touch before we ship your order.

I have updated license or authorization documents. How do I send them to Baker Hughes?

You can send updated electronic copies of your license and associated authorizations to order/receive to your Baker Hughes sales representative or to shop@bakerhughes.com.

What do these changes look like?

You’ll see small differences to your shopping experience in several places:

If the product you’re interested in requires a federal license to purchase, you’ll now see the label below on the product page. Add to your cart or create a quotation the way you normally would.

Hover your mouse over the i in the blue circle for more info.

The label will continue to display against the product in your shopping cart

… and as you begin to checkout.

If our records indicate that you are one of the employees authorized to order and the ship-to address you’ve selected is authorized to receive, the label will disappear. Otherwise, it will continue to display as you go through the checkout process

… and in your order acknowledgement onscreen, as well as…

… in the My Orders page where you can see your order history and the fulfilment status of your current orders.

The order confirmation e-mail we send you will also contain instructions on how to send us updated documents if needed.


Why are you implementing this change?

Being able to manage and respond to the rapid changes in our industry is critical to keep us compliant as we strive for business. We’re aiming to make it easier for you – and ourselves! – to manage these important license data online and keep them updated easily.

Have a question about ATF licensing requirements for Baker Hughes products? Write to us at shop@bakerhughes.com.


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