Post Frac Job Analysis

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Post Frac Job Analysis

Post Frac Job Analysis


Post Frac Job Analysis is to generate a history matched fracture modeling that can help describe the results of the fracture treatments for each stages of the fracturing and to be used as a predictive tool for improving future frac designs. This analysis performs for each stages to estimate the actual fracture geometry parameters (propped length, height, width, permeability and conductivity obtained at the end of frac job.

This analysis also identify any unsuccessful frac stages across the lateral length and gives information about contributing and/or non-contributing stages to production. An applied fracture treatment schedules will be analyzed and the new fracture treatment schedules to create proper fractures will be recommended. Compare created frac length and height with microseismic data. Estimate and compare initial production rates if flowback data is available to verify the frac geometries are contributing production.


Post Frac Job Analysis provides advanced evaluation of each frac stages after frac job and gives better understanding of fracture propagation based on rock mechanical properties (Stress profile, Young's Modulus, Poisson's Ratio).

This analysis performs for each stages to estimate the actual fracture geometry parameters (propped length, height, width, permeability and conductivity obtained at the end of frac job. The results of this analysis will be a guide for the future fracturing jobs to be applied in the same area where the fractured well was completed.


  • Calculating rock mechanical properties from available triple combo (sonic, density, neutron) log data
  • Estimating actual and created fracture geometry parameters (length, height, width, conductivity) at the end of frac job for each stages
  • Defining contributing/and or non-contributing frac stages on production
  • Recommending new treatment schedules for future frac treatment jobs to create proper and high conductive fractures resulting higher production rates

Additional Info

Minimum Data Requirements:

  • Log-based rock mechanical properties (minimum horizontal stress, Young's Modulus, Poisson's Ratio, Pore Pressure)
  • Triple Combo Log (Sonic, Density, Neutron), GR and Resistivity Log Data in LAS Format
  • Well Deviation Survey, Well Completion Data, Reservoir Rock Properties, Reservoir Fluid Properties, Flow Test data, Flow back production data (fluid rates, THP, Casing Pressure, etc.)

SFTP instructions will be provided upon receipt of order for user to submit required data to conduct analysis.


  • History matched models for each frac stages. Fracture geometry parameters (propped frac length, height, width, permeability, conductivity) for each stage. Initial production rate.
  • -PowerPoint report and delivery. Electronic copy of presentation will be provided. Also includes onsite presentation, depending on location and cost, and/or via webinar. View a report example


a. Analysis dependant upon receipt of required client data (without any data quality issues)
b. Analysis to be completed 10 business days after receipt of client data
c. All data will be trasferred using Baker Hughes WellLink™ secure online data delivery system
d. This service can only be ordered online for US and Canada wells at this time



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