Frac-Point™ Ball Activated Sleeve and Seat, 563-387, 8,000 PSI, 4-1/2" 8RD Casing Long

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Frac Ball and Sleeve
Frac-Point™ Ball Activated Sleeve and Seat, 563-387, 8,000 PSI, 4-1/2" 8RD Casing Long

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    The FracPoint™ completion system utilizes packers (sold separately) to isolate intervals of the lateral section with frac sleeves between the packers. The frac sleeves are opened by dropping balls between stages of the fracture treatment program. As the ball reaches the sleeve, it shifts it open exposing a new section of the lateral and temporarily plugging the bottom of the sleeve. This provides greater control of the fracture treatment, giving the operator a greater chance of fracturing the entire length of the lateral.

    Features and Benefits

    • Patented transitional ball seat geometry eliminates erosion through the sleeve.
    • Increased flow area exit ports have greater flow area than the frac string to reduce the possibility of screenout.
    • Patented locking device ensures sleeve will stay in the production mode during the life of the well.

    Available Ball Sizes (inch): 3.75, 3.625, 3.50, 3.375, 3.25, 3.125, 3.00, 2.875, 2.75, 2.625, 2.50, 2.375, 2.25, 2.125, 2.00, 1.875, 1.75, 1.625, 1.50, 1.375, 1.25, 1.125, 1.00, 0.875

    Maximum Number of Stages: 24

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