Alpha Sleeve Pressure-Actuated Valve 775-470

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Alpha Sleeve Pressure-Actuated Valve - Access the formation without the need for TCP

Increase operating efficiency with interventionless stimulation of the first stage in a cemented liner or openhole application using the Alpha Sleeve pressure-actuated valve. The Alpha Sleleve opens communications with the reservoir without using perforating guns or coiled tubing in a cemented liner or openhole completion and is used for hydraulic fracturing operations in the first stage, a flow path to pump down a ball for a ball-activated frac sleeve, or to pump down a Baker Hughes QUIK Drill™ composite frac plug.

  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Cemented long-strings
  • Cemented liners
  • Plug-and-perf and cemented frac sleeves
  • Openhole completions
  • Horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells
  • Controlled frangible activation device reliably and accurately shifts the Alpha Sleeve valve
  • Anti-pre-opening feature can be used in cemented applications requiring liner wiper plugs to pass
  • Pressure-balanced inner sleeve remains in closed position until actuated
  • Internal locking ring holds the sleeve permanently in the open position

Tool Name:: Alpha Sleeve
Tool Size: 7.75 inch
Temperature: 375F max
Pressure: 20 KSI abs max

After receipt of order, you will be contacted to supply well specifications so the desired activation pressured can be achieved. For order assistance, please contact us by sending an email.  

The minimum quantity for the Alpha Sleeve is 5. Includes sleeve, rupture disc and threading.

This item ships from Texas.

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