WellLink Performance

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Identify drilling inefficiencies and improve well performance.

The WellLink Performance service enables the operator to proactively identify the causes of drilling inefficiencies and performance gaps, aiding decision makers to recognize performance improvement opportunities and define mitigating actions for current and future wells.

By applying analytics to historic and real-time wellsite data the WellLink Performance service creates a comprehensive drilling performance solution. Web-based dashboards interpret complex data buried inside legacy applications and drilling reporting systems to provide instantly accessible and actionable information.


  • Identify invisible lost time
  • Investigate the root cause of invisible lost time
  • Identify areas of improvement, learn from past experiences, and set performance expectations


  • Executive Dashboard
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting
  • Performance Review and Analysis
  • 24/7/365 Application Support
  • Hosting & Storage
  • Training of users


  • Well planning and construction
  • Benchmarking and score-carding
  • Look-back analysis
  • Personnel and portfolio optimization
  • Remote operations decision support

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