Memory Module NaviTrak Maintenance Kits (10484811)

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Memory (MEM) NaviTrak Maintenance Kits Ref. Tool N33080-200

Maintenance Information
Please choose the level of maintenance required.

Service Schedule is based on circulating hours and is listed below. Depending on drilling conditions, times can vary.
-Level 1: 0 to 249 circulating hours
-Level 3: every 250 circulating hours
-Level 4: 1,000 circulating hours

Maintenance Kit Details
Level 1 (10484811)

  • (6) O-Ring, 219, (N728-500-028)
  • (6) Back-Up Ring, (N703-500-605)

Tool Description
The Memory Module stores downhole measurements which can later be downloaded for additional QC and troubleshooting data and generating higher-density logs. The data is stored at a field programmable rate and is controlled by the directional module (Master).

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