Digital Attitude Sensor NaviTrak Maintenance Kits

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Digital Attitude Sensor (DAS) Maintenance Kits
1.75" NaviTrak (VSS) DAS Maintenance Kits Ref. N33066-200

Maintenance Information
Please choose the level of maintenance required.

Service Schedule is based on circulating hours and is listed below. Depending on drilling conditions, times can vary.
-Level 1: 0 to 249 circulating hours
-Level 2: 250 and 499 circulating hours
-Level 3: 500 and 999 circulating hours
-Level 4: 1,000 circulating hours

Maintenance Kit Details

Level 1 (10484808)

  • (6) Back-Up Ring, (N703-500-605)
  • (6) O-Ring, 219, (N728-500-028)

Level 2 (10484809)
  • (6) Back-Up Ring, (N703-500-605)
  • (6) O-Ring, 219, (N728-500-028)
  • (7) O-Ring, 217, (N006209217)
  • (14) Back-Up Ring, (10063147)

Tool Description
The Directional Module is the tool master and controls sensor measurement, memory storage and telemetry. Within the module itself are the inclinometer package, magnetometer package, and temperature sensor. From these sensors, survey data, temperature, rotational and VSS data are measured, stored to memory and sent to the pulser/transmitter module for transmission to surface.

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