CARBO-MUL HT (55 gallon drum)


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OBM emulsifier and wetting agent for high temp

OBM emulsifier and wetting agent for high temp

CARBO-MUL HT (55 gallon drum) is available to buy in increments of 4


The Baker Hughes CARBO-MUL™ HT additive is a high-temperature, high-performance, oil-soluble polyamide used as an emulsifier and wetting agent in nonaqueous drilling fluids such as the CARBODRILL™ family of oil-based fluid systems.

Extremely low concentrations of CARBO-MUL HT emulsifier reduce the interfacial tension between the aqueous, internal phase of oil muds/inverts and the external oil phase, and emulsify the two together into a stable system. CARBO-MUL HT additive can also be used to treat water contamination.

CARBO-MUL HT emulsifier is compatible with a wide range of internal phase salinities and can be used to emulsify calcium chloride and sodium chloride brines, seawater, and freshwater.
CARBO-MUL HT wetting agent adsorbs onto mineral surfaces, reducing interfacial surface energy and rendering oil-wet MIL-BAR™ weight materials and drilled solids.

Unlike soap surfactants, the CARBO-MUL HT additive does not require lime hydrate in order to function effectively and is an ideal surfactant for low colloid, relaxed invert systems.

CARBO-MUL HT emulsifier can be used in high temperature, high-pressure (HT/HP) fluid formulations in conjunction with CARBO-TEC™ surfactant, lime, and filtration control additives to withstand temperatures in excess of 400°F (204°C).

Recommended treatment
CARBO-MUL HT emulsifier may be used as the primary or sole emulsifier and wetting agent in the CARBO-DRILL family of oil-based fluid systems.
Concentrations of 0.42 to 2.1 gal/bbl (10 to 50 L/m3) of CARBO-MUL HT will be required depending on bottomhole temperature and fluid properties such as density, oil-water ratio, and solids content.

CARBO-MUL HT emulsifier may also be used in the formulation of low-colloid/relaxed-filtrate oil mud systems. Relaxed-filtrate oil mud systems will typically require 0.40 to 0.75 gal/bbl (9.5 to 17.9 L/m3) of CARBO-MUL HT additive.

When used as a wetting agent while weighting up, approximately 1.0 gal/bbl (23.8 L/m3) of CARBOMUL HT additive per 25 to 100lb sacks of MIL-BAR weight material is required.

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