Reconditioned Lufkin Beam Pump M1280-427-216

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With an array of precision engineered Beam Pumping Units—from low maintenance systems to rapid response portable units—you can find the right solution to help meet your site’s efficiency and productivity goals. Our global service centers refurbish all makes and sizes of pumping units. 

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  • Improved safety.
    Technology based on proven, tested design allows for safer service, component handling.
  • Improved reliability.
    The Lufkin know-how customers expect, integrated into design specifications and installation method for increased strength, fatigue connection robustness, and longevity.
  • Improved quality.
    Global supply chain of advanced-capability suppliers means better quality control, stringent design specifications, and quality surveillance.
  • Improved serviceability.
    Designed for easier installation and service. Increased component standardization. Minimized variation, maximized availability.
  • Improved delivery speed.
    Equipment manufactured and delivered to the well site faster than ever
  • Efficiencies built into the design to help you enhance production
  • Extreme reliability to reduce unplanned down-time
  • Available in a variety of models to fit your specific well requirements
  • Backed by a global network of installation, service, and repair expertise to keep you running and to reduce non-productive time
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