Signature F Aflas Permanent Packer

Manufacturing Lead Time:
9 weeks

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Short Description
Signature F Aflas Permanent Packer Signature F Aflas Permanent Packer


Signature F Aflas Permanent Packer

The signature series packers are used as production, injection, zonal isolation, and sump packers. They are also frequently used as a permanent squeeze or testing packers, or as a permanent or temporary bridge plug. The configuration with the larger sealing bore at the upper end is frequently used in complex multistring completions, or when large tubing is run and it is necessary to maintain clearance through the packer. The F series packer is a big bore version used when the largest bore ID through the packer is desirable.

Features and Benefits

  • Solid construction in a slimline design
  • Enables 50% faster run-in without fear of impact damage or premature setting, making significant rig time savings possible with a history of field-proven reliability.
  • Drillable
  • Designed for ease of milling.
  • Two opposed sets of full circle high strength slips
  • Ensure packer will remain properly set.
  • Packer element resists swab-off
  • Packs off securely when packer is set.
  • Unique interlocking, expandable, metal backup rings contact casing
  • Create a positive barrier to packing element extrusion.
  • Big bore version
  • Provides largest bore through any drillable packer.

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