Redress Kit, 2-3/8" L-10 On-Off Sealing Connector

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2 weeks

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Short Description
Redress kit for 2-3/8" L-10 On/Off Tool Redress kit for 2-3/8" L-10 On/Off Tool


Redress kit for 2-3/8" L-10 On/Off Tool. This redress kit includes the following:
  • Quantity 1: Non-elastomeric Seals for 2-3/8” Tubing (H033589000)
  • Quantity 4: Slotted Headless Machine Screws (HWWGE1B0HB)

The L-10™ high performance on-off sealing connectors are designed to provide a simple and reliable means of retrieving the production string without unseating the companion packer below. It can be run above and anchored into a permanent production packer or on top of any retrievable packer which will remain set without applied tubing tension or weight. A seating nipple profile is available in the top of the seal nipple to provide a means of plugging the lower zone while the tubing is pulled. This location of the blanking plug provides for minimum debris build-up on top of the blanking plug. Left hand release.


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