R Seating Nipple, L80 construction, 8 RD Thread

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The Baker Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple is a tubing nipple for use with bottom no-go locking devices only. It has a seal bore, bottom no-go shoulder, and a locking groove.

The Bakerline™ series Model R™ seating nipple is a bottom no-go nipple. The Model R seating nipples provide for the location of various wireline flow control devices in the production string. The location and number of seating nipples should be carefully considered in the completion planning stages to allow maximum versatility in the positioning of various flow control accessories. The seating nipples are available in 4140/L80 80 Ksi material with 8 EU RD threads.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal nipple profile eliminates issues associated with finding matching locks
  • Integral locking groove prevents flow control devices from passing through the nipple
  • Contoured and polished seal bore passes Chevron packing without damage
  • Locating wireline flow control devices in the production string
  • Land blanking plugs to shut in well or to test the production tubing
  • Land velocity-type safety valves,Land equalizing check valves
  • Land circulating blanking plugs,Land chokes to reduce surface flowing pressures or have pressure drops downhole to prevent surface freezing in gas production
  • Land instrument hangers with geophysical devices such as pressure and temperature recorders
  • Preventing loss of wireline workstring in some scenarios

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