Packer, SR-3 Double Grip Retrievable, 45A2, 5.5" 20-23 lb/ft

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Packer, R-3 Double Grip Retrievable, 45A2, 5.5" 20-23 lb/ft

Packer, R-3 Double Grip Retrievable, 45A2, 5.5" 20-23 lb/ft


The R-3™ Retrievable Casing Packer is a retrievable set-down packer that features a large bypass area through the Packer. The bypass area is controlled by a face-seal type bypass valve which is actuated by a 30-inch stroke mandrel. The Packer is available in a single-grip version for use as a conventional long-stroke production packer, and in a double-grip version (with hold-down) for combination production and well stimulation operations.

The double-grip packer, for use where pressure differential from below the packer is anticipated, features an integral hydraulic button-type hold-down that is located below the bypass valve. The double-grip packer also incorporates a unique, built-in, “differential lock” which utilizes a balance sleeve actuated by pressure from below the packer. This pressure creates an additional downward force which, combined with set-down weight, helps maintain the force necessary to keep the bypass valve closed.


Casing: 5.5" 20-23 lb/ft
Connection: 2.375" 4.7 lb/ft EU 8RD Box up x Pin down
Size: 45A2
Material: 80 MYS NACE
Element: Nitrile 90-70-90


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