Packer, A-3™ LOK-SET® Retrievable


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Short Description
Packer, A-3™ LOK-SET® Retrievable Packer, A-3™ LOK-SET® Retrievable


The A-3™ LOK-SET™ packer combines advantages of a retrievable packer with the features of a permanent packer. An ability to lock down tubing forces makes the A-3 suitable for a broad range of applications, including production, injection, zone isolation, and remedial operations.


  • Production
  • Injection
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Remedial operations

Features and Benefits

  • Holds pressure from above and below, without relying on set-down weight, tubing tension, or hydraulic hold down
  • Provides tubing anchoring with tension applied, suitable for pumping wells or injection, controlling tubing forces related to change fluid temperatures
  • Opposed, non-transferring, dovetail slips prevent packer movement associated with changing differential pressures, while allowing the landing of the tubing in tension, neutral or compression
  • Right-hand tubing rotation controls setting and releasing

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