On/Off Sealing Connector, L10

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L-10 On/Off Sealing Connector

L-10 On/Off Sealing Connector


The L-10™ high performance on-off sealing connectors are designed to provide a simple and reliable means of retrieving the production string without unseating the companion packer below. It can be run above and anchored into a permanent production packer or on top of any retrievable packer which will remain set without applied tubing tension or weight. A seating nipple profile is available in the top of the seal nipple to provide a means of plugging the lower zone while the tubing is pulled. This location of the blanking plug provides for minimum debris build-up on top of the blanking plug.


  • Orientation of seal eliminates need for o-ring connection.
  • Top sub and seal nipple are the only parts exposed to produced fluids.
  • Rugged design allows tensile ratings compatible with N-80 tubing in L-10 and R-10 versions.
  • Meets NACE standard MR0175 for H2S service.
  • No welded components.
  • Guides for large inside diameter (ID) casing can be added to the OD of washover shoe without welding.
  • Automatic re-engagement with set-down.
  • Set-down loads transmitted into J-lugs and not top of seal nipple. This avoids possible collapse of the seal nipple under high set-down loads that can impede wireline operations
  • May be run with or without shear screws
  • Provisions are made for either set-down shear (standard), or up-strain shear (optional)
  • A locking, angled torque shoulder allows high torques and eliminates shoe back off
  • Bonded seal design based on field-proven L sliding sleeve. This unique configuration is designed to accommodate elastomer swell and eliminate trapped pressure between the seals that might cause a pressure lock
  • Bonded seal design is HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile rubber) which provides improved chemical resistance and improved thermal cycling characteristics compared to standard Nitrile
  • 316 stainless steel insert for the bonded seal reduces corrosion on the critical areas around the seal.
  • Optional high performance non-elastomeric seal stack (patented) based on the field-proven CM™ sliding sleeve seal system provides on-off tool capability without any elastomeric seals
  • These state of the art thermoplastic seals are chemically inert and will function in virtually any environment up to 325°F for size 3-1/2 in. (350°F rating on the 2-3/8-in. and 2-7/8-in. sizes)
  • Bonded seal and CM seal stack both qualified for low temperature service down to 40°F
  • Nipple profile accepts blanking plugs and other BFC™ accessories. Location of the profile assures minimum debris accumulation on top of the plug.
  • Washover shoe profile allows rotation through sand and other debris
  • Large ID bevel on washover shoe allows location of seal nipple even when laying against side of the casing

Additional Info

It can be used with any of the inflatable PIP tools to produce an inflatable retrievable bridge plug.

The L-10 and R-10 versions are rated for 10K service using NACE compatible materials and have tensile ratings compatible with N-80 tubing.

Two types of seals are available: the premium bonded seal and a nonelastomeric seal stack. The bonded seal is rated for 40°F–275°F service temperature. The nonelastomeric seal stack is rated for 40°F–350°F service temperature for the 2-3/8-in. and 2-7/8-in. sizes, and 40°F–325°F for the 3-1/2-in. size.

The model designations are explained below:

  • L—Left-hand release (indicated by stamp note and two scribe lines on outside diameter (OD) of the washover shoe).
  • R—Right-hand release (indicated by stamp note and one scribe line on OD of the washover shoe).



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