Metal Muncher™ Carbide Milling Inserts

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4 - 6 weeks

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Short Description

Reduce milling trips and time with superior material and design.

Reduce milling trips and time with superior material and design.


The cutting structures created with Baker Hughes METAL MUNCHER™ classic offer enhanced wear rate, impact resistance, and cutting edge, resulting in shortened milling time. They address the more exotic and abrasive materials commonly encountered in today’s milling and fishing operations, maximizing performance in a wider range of applications and in less time.


  • Higher penetration rates
  • Smaller cuttings
  • Extended mill life
  • Aggressive cutting structure for cutting alloys


The Metal Muncher insert is most commonly associated with pilot mills used to mill up casing, liners and washpipe. It is also widely used on section milling tools such as the D and Lockomatic. Metal Munchers are used on Junk, Expanding, Window, Tapered, Step Mills and Rotary Shoes.

  • All environments
  • Deep water
  • Unconventional oil and gas
  • High-volume milling applications
  • Pilot, section, and packer milling through exotic materials
  • Plug and abandonment

Metal Muncher is not recommended for milling loose junk of any type.


Insert size
0.375" D. x 0.250" H.
0.250" D. x 0.165" H.

The half Metal Munchers are “split” down the center, forming a semi-circle with the same height as the whole.

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Additional Info

In 1985, Baker Oil Tools changed the fishing industry forever with the introduction of the Metal Muncher Carbide insert. The insert and the patented application of the insert to milling tools has increased penetration rates and mill life by as much as 1000%. The slot recoveries, which are routine today, are economically possible because of this technology.



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