FH Hydrostatic Set Single String Retrievable Packer, 47B4, 7 inch 20.0-26.0 Lb/Ft Csg

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Short Description
FH Hydrostatic Set Single String Retrievable Packer 47B4 FH Hydrostatic Set Single String Retrievable Packer 47B4


The FH™ is the industry-standard, hydrostatic-set and shear-release single-string retrievable packer. It can be used in the following applications: production, injection, and zonal isolation; single-string selective completions or dual-string completions with multiple packers; deviated wells or other applications when rotation for installation or removal is not beneficial; when it is beneficial to displace and set packers after the well is flanged up; when testing the tubing string before packer setting or to independently set and test individual packers in multiplepacker completions is beneficial.The FH packer is hydraulically activated by applying tubing pressure against a plugging device below the packer. The packer requires only straight pull to release.


  • Operationally simple
  • Hydraulically activated, hydrostatic-set, low-pressure, rig-pump-capable activation
  • Field-adjustable shear release
  • Built-in unloader and bypass aids in releasing and retrieving
  • Packoff is mechanically locked and constantly reinforced by hydrostatic pressure
  • Triple-seal multi-durometer elements ensure pressure integrity over a wide range of temperatures and conforms easily to casing irregularities
  • No mandrel movement during setting allows stacked-packer applications

Model: FH Hydrostatic Set Single String Retrievable Packer
Size: 47B4
Casing: 7 inch 20.0-26.0 lb/ft
Material: P110 Steel 110 MYS
Working Temperature: 275°F
Connection: 2.875 inch 6.40 lb/ft NU 10RD Pin Up x Pin Down

Additional Information
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