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High Resolution Vertilog (HRVRT)

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The High-Resolution Vertilog™ (HRVRT™) service provides the industry’s most precise pipe integrity and corrosion evaluation, accurately characterizing casing and tubing strength. The service eliminates unnecessary remediation work and reduces unplanned production outages.

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Pricing applicable only for USA locations

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Our HRVRT™ high-resolution vertilog service delivers the highest-resolution electromagnetic casing inspection in the industry. The HRVRT service’s 360-degree defect map accurately pinpoints the location, size, and shape of a casing defect, whether internal or external.

Features and Benefits
• Multiaxial sensors with next-generation multiaxis data technology-Offer improved defect descriptions with greater accuracy and reliability-Allow increased circumferential and axial resolution
• Dynamic range of applications in a variety of downhole conditions-Offers greater flexibility in logging below casing -Enables negotiation around casing patches and other hardware-Eliminates unnecessary remediation work and reduces unplanned production outages
• Deployable on wireline or TeleCoil™ intelligent coiled tubing-Provides flexibility for reaching optimal performance
• Identify internal versus external corrosion problems
• Locate holes, corrosion, depth of penetration, and other defects
• Determine the effectiveness of cathodic protection and corrosion inhibitors
• Discriminate between actual corrosion and well completion equipment
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